Centers Plan for FIDA Care Complete Participants

Welcome to Centers Plan for FIDA Care Complete (Medicare-Medicaid Plan)!

As a Centers Plan for FIDA Care Complete Participant, you can expect the quality service you deserve and a program that focuses on your overall personal healthcare needs. We know that for some Participants the process of coordinating and managing the services you receive through Medicare and Medicaid can be intimidating. Having the right guidance, information and the support of a Care Manager and a team of caring health care professionals, can ease the burden and help you, your family and your healthcare providers make the right decisions and ensure you receive the best of care.

This Centers Plan for FIDA Care Complete Participant section is designed to provide you with easy to use searchable information that other Participants have found helpful as they plan for years of healthy living. As a part of the Centers Plan for Health Living (CPHL) family, we want to make your healthcare experience as beneficial as possible. We are available to help if you should have any questions or feedback on ways to enhance your participation. Please call or send us any comments you may have, so that we can continue to make CPHL the program of choice available for you.

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